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Lost in the sea of time…

So it would seem as though I have forgotten about this page for quiet a long time. I can not believe that it’s been 4 years since the last time I logged on. I guess what they say is true, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

The Co-writer on this blog reminded me today of its’ existence. I have some more paranormal fun things happening that I’d love to share with you all. Those of you who basically forgot to unsubscribe anyway. LOL

Let me fill you in on all the current details. On 12/28/2017 I was in a bad car accident. One of the types of accidents that you wouldn’t normally walk away from unscathed. T-boned on the parkway at 65MPH, spun a few times banging off both the center divider and the car that hit us kind of accident. The girl hit my side of the car. Luckily enough the driver and myself walked away with minor injuries. I have a concussion and some vertigo issues now. I’d say I was pretty blessed. It’s not one of those accidents where you hear it could have been worse, it was one of those its a miracle and SHOULD have been worse type incidents. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all this as it’s led up to last nights events.

For the last few weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night panicked like I’m late for work. Look at the clock and 9 out of 10 times its right between 3 & 3:30 am. A few other times it was around 2 or 4 am. After speaking with my therapist we thought that maybe I would roll over and the dizziness would cause the panic. In an attempt to get to the bottom of it I set up a camera in my room last-night. However the reason I woke had nothing to do with rolling over in my sleep. I did wake up panicked and looked right at the clock. What I did not hear until I got up later was 2 strange voices. You can hear a small boy as I am getting up, and (be-careful I cough and if its really loud it will hurt your ears) after the cough you can hear a male voice. I will not tell you what I think they say, you tell me what you think they say.


BTW please excuse the mess, I am in the process of rearranging my bedroom and it’s in shambles. lol


I’m going to keep recording and posting the videos, I’ll let you determine what you think you hear.

Another interesting little tid-bit about this video. I texted it to my mother (who lives with me) Every time she attempted to watch the video her phone rang as if I called her, simultaneously my phone rang as if she called me. We both ended up with 5 missed calls in the end. She was unable to watch the video until she went out to her car, at that point we had another 2 missed calls and she gave up only seeing a small portion of it. She was able to finally view the video in its entirety after she left my neighborhood altogether.  The video was sent twice text and once via Facebook messenger, it did not work on either platform until she was completely away from the house.


A little site I came across today, hope you enjoy as well!

Countess of blood Elizabeth Bathory


It has long been believed that men have cornered the market on torture and brutality; historical figures such as Vlad the Impaler and the Marquis de Sade dispensing their own brands of punishment. The list of barbaric males goes on and on, but there are some ladies that could put their opposite sex to shame. One such woman was Elizabeth Bathory, whose torture and murder of her female servants branded her as, quite possibly, the world’s first female serial killer.

Elizabeth was born in August 1560, into one of the richest and most powerful families in Hungary, a family that had more than its fair share of scandalous members, including an uncle who was believed to be a worshipper of Satan, a bi-sexual aunt, Klara, with a penchant for torturing servants, and a brother, Stephan, who was prone to bouts of heavy drinking and lecherous acts. That, combined with the witness of a gyspy being sewn into a horse and left for dead at a very young age, may have played a part in the vile lady she was to later become.

At the tender age of 15, Elizabeth married Ferenc Nadasdy, a union though to have been arranged by both families as a political power move. Nadasdy was besotted with his young bride though, and as a wedding gift, he presented her with Csejte castle, and as he was often away at battle, Elizabeth was left with the task of disciplining the servants, a job she attacked with unbridled glee.

Among the punishments doled out were, beating with a heavy club, sticking pins into the lips, flesh, and under the fingernails, and, probably most brutal of all, taking the girls outside, laying them in the snow and pouring cold water on them until they froze to death. It is believed that Elizabeth had some help when it came to carrying out these acts, in the shape of her manservant Ficszko, Helena Jo, who helped look after the Bathory children, Dorka, and washerwoman Katarina. In the early 1600’s, Elizabeth befriended a woman named Anna Darvulia who was believed to have been both a lover and teacher of new torture techniques.

After the death of her husband in 1604, and the passing of Darvulia a few years later, Elizabeth’s levels of depravity and torture reaElizabeth Bathory bathed in a bath full of her victims bloodched their peak. Not content to punishing her sevants, she picked young women from the surrounding area, as well as some supplied by her aunt Karla, and performed barbaric acts of cruelty and sexual abuse upon them. The blood flowed freely and legend says that Elizabeth would bathe in the crimson offal in an attempt to keep her beauty, an act that led to her receiving the moniker of the blood countess.

It is believed that Elizabeth and her gang of accomplices were involved in the murder of more than 650 young women during their reign of terror. That ended in 1610, when Gyorgy Thurzo was dispatched to investigate the alleged crimes, and collect evidence that would lead to arrest and trial. Thurzo and his men went to Cjeste Castle in December of that year and discovered one dead girl and another dying. The arrests were made, and the trial set for January, 1611; Helena, Dorka and Ficszko were sentenced to death by burning, the two women having their fingers cut off, and the manservant beheaded, before they were cast into the flames.

Elizabeth was never convicted, but was condemned to a single, walled-in room in her castle where she lived out the remainder of her days, passing in 1614 at the age of 54. The legend of the blood countess has continued to grow over the years, with the total body count and the blood bathing being brought into question, but what cannot be questioned is that Elizabeth Bathory may go down in history as the most brutally sadistic woman to have ever lived.

John Watson

Apparently the rest room is needed in the after life!!

I always love being awoken by my ghostly tenants in the middle of the night. As all hallows eve approaches is it quiet customary for the spirits in my home to make their presence known. It is said, this time of year is when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinest and weakest.

Originally the custom of dressing up and putting out craved pumpkins wasn’t a hallmark holiday. These things were done for protection from the evil spirits that preyed on the living and our passed ancestors. It was a tradition in old times to leave a plate of food for any of the persons deceased relatives that may visit on this sacred holiday as a welcoming gesture, a carved pumpkin was placed by the door to scare off unwanted and evil spirits, but that is another story to be told another day.

This entry in particular pertains to the ghostly activities that occurred in my home this past evening. The witching hour in my home is typically 4-5 am. In old times 3 am was considered the witching hour. With daylight savings time in my area it is quiet possible that this is still accurate. One can never tell anymore. Some time ago I had installed a remote alarm above my son’s door to alert me if he is up perusing the house at night. This particular evening my son was at his grandmothers house for the weekend.

I retired as per usual around 11 Pm The house was quiet, everyone sleeping soundly in their beds. Around 4: 45Am, I was awoken by the alarm for my son’s room. I woke realizing I had forgotten to turn it off. As I stood to get out of bed the alarm sounded once more, which is customary if someone enters the bathroom then leaves, as the restroom door is adjacent to my son’s and with in range of the alarm. I reached for the alarm and turned off the switch as I listened to what I thought was my mother returning to her bedroom which is also upstairs.

I let my dog out to use the bathroom, still hearing the footsteps above me. Once everything quieted down I returned to my bedroom.

The next morning I conferred with my family only to realize that everyone was asleep. I heard the the alarm sound a few times and random footsteps. II guess even ghosts need bathroom breaks on occasion.

For our next few posts I’d like some of your input!

I found this awesome ghost website!!

Ok so a facebook post (again quickly becoming the source of most of my creepy posts hahaha) I found a picture of this site, for giggles I put it in to find it really does exist! Have a little fun ya’ll and happy haunting’s!!


*update* It doesn’t actually let you sign up 😦 wahhhhhh but still a fun site to play on!

Heart broken!

I am devastated by the recent news I came across. Tuesday night I learned as news 12 proudly announced Demolition has begun on the Kings Park Psychiatric center.

Built in 1885 and finally put out of commission in 1996 these historical buildings will finally be torn down, the property is said to be used for a recreational park, as well as residential and commercial use.

The Asylum housed the mentally ill beginning in 1895 and practiced electro-shock therapy, lobotomies and the latest quack medical procedures of the time. While this all seems horrifying today, with out these practices we would not have the knowledge or procedures we have today! Kings park in it’s time was considered the most advanced state of the art facility in operation.

In the above video you can gain a little insight as to what the center was all about.


The above link boasts hundreds of pictures of what the site looks like now and is a great source of information, not just for this particular hospital, but many other abandoned sites as well.

I am a huge lover of historical buildings and Victorian era architecture. It always greatly saddens me when I find these buildings being destroyed to build things like Target or Walmart. By the time I have grand-kids the ability to see such beauty will be forever lost save for text books. That alone breaks my heart!!

Paranormal Witness

For anyone that does not know about this show, its not too bad.
Its like a paranormal reality show with actual accounts from the people involved.
Check for it on your local cable station and give it a shot.

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