Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

Exerpt from The Haunting at Washington Avenue

In my thirty one years I have accrued many many tales to share with you.  So please feel free to follow these posts, there will be many more to come.It all began when I was a child, about 5 years old. At least that is as far back as I could remember. I lived in a large old apartment building that was built in 1938, in a now not so desirable neighborhood. It was 1986 and my father worked two jobs, my mother at the time was a stay at home mom and took care of me. Even though things weren’t so safe, our building was locked and you could only gain entrance by the use of a key, so I was allowed to run through out the building to play.

Every Thursday my mother would take me to the basement to the laundry room. This is when i first realized the building was haunted. The basement, was largely used as a garbage room/storage for the tenants. In the far back you could find the laundry room. My mother would stay while she allowed me to explore the rest of the dark, dismal room.

Among the oddities that were lost, or forgotten about was a large old piano, ripped, or otherwise damaged furniture, some old broken toys and other miscellaneous items I just don’t recall. It was the piano that I remembered the most. I would play it through out the duration of my stay down there. For the first few weeks that I could remember nothing out of the ordinary happened.

One night my mother was running behind schedule, we made it to the laundry room a bit later than usual. I was playing with a new entrant to the storage room, a tricycle, when I heard the piano strike a key. I jumped looking around to see no one was near it. I went back to playing, riding the bike in circles until I heard the piano play again. I looked to see a dark shadow sitting in front of it, it wasn’t just one key this time but played a melody. I watched in awe as the darkened cloud swayed as it played it’s melody. I stood frozen in fear just staring wide eyed, after a moment which seemed like hours, the cloud disappeared and the music stopped.


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  1. Very well written information. It will be beneficial to everyone who utilizes it, including myself. Keep up the good work – looking forward to more posts.

    February 4, 2012 at 9:36 PM

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy it I have lots more to come!

      February 13, 2012 at 12:03 PM

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