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The Jersey Devil

The Pine Barrens in the state of New Jersey have a story to tell, its a story many have heard and maybe even some are scared to speak of, it’s the story of the Jersey Devil.
Legend has it that this creature has been haunting the Jersey Pine Barrens for close to 300 years and striking fear into those who encounter it.

The lore of the Jersey Devil is well loved enough to have the state’s hockey team named after it and many famous people have encountered the strange beast, like Joseph Bonaparte, oldest brother of Napoleon, who was said to have witnessed the Jersey Devil while on a hunting trip and Commodore Stephen Decatur, who fired a cannon at it with no effect at all.


It’s said that one violent stormy night, a poor woman with 12 children was about to give birth to her 13th. She cursed the child in her belly while in labor, “I can bare no more children, let this one be the devil!” And she gave birth to a strange misshapen creature, that transformed before them spread its wings and flew up the chimney and into the darkness.
The is but one of the legends about the origins of the Jersey Devil, believed or not, the events that followed have been witnessed by thousands of people in the last 300 years…and the legend continues.

The most interesting events concerning the Jersey Devil took place in mid winter of 1909. Said to be the Devil’s most infamous spree, with thousands of sightings and newspaper headlines, causing schools to close and people to hide in their homes.

The events started with a man named Zack Cozzens, who heard a loud hissing sound and then saw a large winged animal with red eyes, fly across the street he was standing on. And the flood of sightings continued from there.

Reports started turning up all over and stirred people into a frenzy of fear that lasted a week. Hissing noises in the night, violent screams in the woods, police shooting at the creature and inflicting no wounds, hunting parties gathered to track it only to flee in fear. An attack on a cable car and patrons of a bar spending the night trapped inside terrorized by the demon. A rash of animal mutilations, missing children and cloven hoof prints in the snow.
These are but a few of the things that happened in the week that people say the Devil had his day.

The Jersey Devil was not heard from again until another flurry of sightings in 1951, that stared when a boy claimed to have seen a demonic face dripping with blood at his second floor bedroom window.

For years after that day there have been random reports of animal killings and bone chilling screams in the woods. The last well known account was from an ambulance driver in 1974. He was driving the lonely back roads of the Pine Barrens, when he heard an evil laughing shriek from the dark woods that almost made him drive off the road.

Many have gone off in search of the Jersey Devil over the years after learning of this interesting legend. Should you feel the urge to take up the hunt also searching for the truth, or just hoping to catch sight of the beast, a word of caution…don’t do it alone.


The real silent hill

Something quiet interesting was brought to my attention today, the town of Centrilia, PA. Upon seeing the video it indeed had similar qualities to the game. If a place were to be haunted in such a manner Centralia would be the place. Silent hill is based on a town with fires still burning deep with in the ground, gasses rise up leaving the town with an eerie fog that hangs over what once was obviously a thriving town. As you move through the game you can see schools, stores and homes, what was left of the town before it died, as you will find in the movie. The small quint town was settled in 1841 and incorporated in 1866, Centralia thrived mining  anthracite  coal, not just any coal, highly desired coal, coal in its purest form. This type of coal was and still is highly desired because it burns hotter and longer than other types of coal. As you can remember in the 1800’s they did not have modern boilers, or electric trains, everyone survived on wood and yup you guessed it coal. Centralian’s provided coal for homes, trains, industrial enterprises as well as anyone who would have use for the rock. For almost one hundred years Centralia provided homes and jobs to over two thousand people at it’s peak and thrived wonderfully mining the coal, until one fateful mistake that would  change the town forever.

In 1962 a garbage fire sparked a fire that still burns this day. Workers were burning trash, which was quiet common in the day, behind the cemetery when the fire caught a vein of coal. Firefighters fought the fire and thought they had put it out, until it sparked again a few days later, but by then it was far to late. The blaze became out of control and destroyed more than half the town. Forty years later ground temperatures still rate over 447 degrees Celsius or 836.6 degrees Fahrenheit just a foot down below as the fire continues to burn deep within the ground. Like the haunting in Silent Hill gases emanate from the ground giving what’s left of the town and erie cloud that looms over the abandoned streets.

Overgrown road

Much of the town has been torn down as you can see, but you can still see evidence of the fire still burning deep under the ground through the rising smoke through the breaks in it’s desolate roads. The old roads remain, though now covered in shrubbery and cracked from the fire but that is about all that remains of the town. You can find the municipal building and the only remaining home that I believe belongs to the mayor that refused to leave, other than that the government destroyed all evidence that to town existed. Definitely a topic to research! Very interesting, hope you enjoy!

Last night was fun!

Last night was party time for the spirits in my home. I haven’t gotten to that story here yet so I will give you little info, I presently have two spirits in my home. A male and a female. The man is much more aggressive when he wants to be, he makes sure his presence is known, as for the woman, she is relatively quiet most of the time.

Well last night she decided to wake me yet again. I was sound asleep comfy in my bed to hear a woman’s voice call out. She said simply

“Amanda, time to wake up.” Her voice was soft and soothing.

I woke up and looked around and nothing, the room was quiet and dark, I looked at the clock, three thirty am. I whispered to her, shhh you’re two and a half hours early.

I rolled over onto my side, annoyed but still semi calm. Just as I started to drift off to sleep once I heard a slam come from the kitchen. I got up annoyed to check on the dog, whom I found cowering under the table. I searched through the house for anything left askew or what may have caused the bang I heard, I found nothing. I called out to my friends once more, “Enough is  enough I have to work tomorrow.”

Well they continued to have fun, the T.V. turned on and off repeatedly, and a few other noises, but I drifted back to sleep not to be awoken again until the alarm went off…

Funny commercial!

The walking dead episode 209

This is the second half of the season premier that aired last night, what do you all think? Lets make this a discussion ok!

Personally, I’m on the tight rope about how things are going to go with Hershal and Rick. Shane gave him a pretty hard hit but it seems like he realizes now that these things are not just a person with a cold, he realizes that they are actually dead. Yes he’s angry about it all, but I have to wonder now that Rick has killed two living people how is Hershal going to take it?

The tight rope is, he can now see Rick and his crew as protection not only from the walkers, but from anyone who tries to over run his farm. This gave him a whole new insight. Rick has everyone’s intentions at heart and by merely telling these strangers that they were not welcomed showed Hershal, that Rick is also protecting him.


On the other hand Hershal just witnessed Rick kill two living beings, no matter the circumstance, does he now fear for the living member’s of his family or himself, does he wonder if Rick is going to over run the farm like these two strangers were going to do?

Hmmm makes you wonder huh? Well tell me what do you think?

As for Lori and her accident, what do you feel the out come will be? We all know Beth is in for the worst, I can guarantee you there’s a few scratches on her back that made her infected. As for Lori, I think she may lose the baby, but she will survive other wise. She’s going to have to find that gun though!

To all my readers!

WOW, I almost felt like I was going through the Emmy awards lol. Thank you everyone for reading and the kind words! I am overjoyed that everyone is enjoying themselves! I have lots more coming, and I’m sorry for the delay, I’m not neglecting you all, things have been super busy, this is the first 5 minutes I’ve had to work on this. LOL. So I should have the next story written by the end of the week! Please feel free to chat, enjoy, have fun with the polls, and swap stories as well! Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!!!


They say you always remember your first love, but after what happened, I will never be able to forget her.

Back in the late 1800’s, “old money” gave way to “new money” and many rich families lost all that they had. Most lost everything, but some were able to hold on to what little bit they had left and for the most part that meant their homes. Those with large expansive mansions turned many of the rooms into “apartments” and they rented these out to guests. The “guests” consisted mainly of other old money, those who had lost it all. Of those who had smaller homes, they divided them in half and sold or rented the other half.

I grew up in one those homes with a large porch that ran the length of the front of the house with no divider. So every day I saw the beautiful 14 year old girl who lived next to me.

To call Penny beautiful would not do her justice. Fair skin, deep sea blue eyes, a light spray of freckles across her nose and cheeks and the most amazing strawberry blond hair you have ever seen. Depending on the light it would be blonde or red and when the bright sun hit it just right her hair seemed to glow like it was on fire, she looked like what I assume angels would look like. It’s that vision of her that still haunts me to this day.

I guess this all starts on Christmas day 1984. Like any normal holiday with gifts and fun and food. Much of that morning I don’t remember, maybe I’ve blocked it out or maybe my head was filled with thoughts of her. I say this because until then Penny had not paid much attention to me or any other boy for that matter, until a few days before when she stopped me and asked if it was ok that she stopped by on Christmas day because she had a gift for me. I’m sure I said yes because she seemed very happy, but just the fact that she was talking to me and thought about me enough to buy a gift, drove all coherent thought from my young brain.

I was lost in thought that morning when someone started banging on the front door. I heard a scream for help, ran to the door and yanked it open. Penny was standing there, the bright sun making fire in her hair, but something was wrong. A second later she ran past me and headed down the hall. I realized what was wrong. It was not the sun. Penny was on fire. I was so scared for a moment that I could not move. The beautiful girl who had captured my heart was now a flaming shape running down the hall, leaving burnt foot prints in that carpet as she went.. I ran after her. She made it to the washroom at the end of the hall, hit the side of the tub and fell in taking the shower curtain with her. All I could think to do was turn the water on and then I started yelling for my parents to come.

She was looking at me, the water from the shower spraying between us and weakly held up her shaking hand. I wrapped my hand around hers, she screamed and the darkness took me.

After that I can only remember sitting on the porch in the freezing cold, crying and being very angry. I wanted to go to the hospital to see her but they would not let me. I remember one of my parents asking someone if I would be ok and the reply to that being I had just passed out and I would be fine. No one would tell me what happened to Penny.

Still crying and full of hate, though what the hate was and were it came from I don’t recall. Maybe I felt I could have done something more to help her. As an adult, thinking of it now I know there was nothing I could have done, but I was not an adult then.

Time was just a blur until late that night.

I was lying in bed. I had cried for so long that I had no more tears and my body ached. It was then that I heard a voice. Penny’s voice. Not in my room, it seemed to be in my head. “Hey Sweetie, be happy.” I sat up really fast. Penny was standing there looking more beautiful than I ever remembered, and after a moment she just faded away. I tried to stand but my legs would not hold me. I had to crawl to the washroom and lost what little food I had been able to eat. I don’t remember going back to bed, I may have slept on the cold tile floor.

I found out many months later that she had been using the toaster that morning and what they think had happened was that the cuff of her bath robe had touched the element when she was putting the bead in and caught fire. Some time the next summer her mom came to my house. They were moving and while packing things they found her Christmas present to me and wanted me to have it. It was a little dog tag on a silver chain. Engraved on it were the words “Be My Sweetie.” I can’t remember crying as much as I did that day.

I know that I should be happy she came to me that night and that I should hold that in my head and my heart. But when I think of her the image of her standing in my doorway with her hair on fire and the burned footprints on the carpet still tries to creep in. The nightmares are not much better.