Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

The real silent hill

Something quiet interesting was brought to my attention today, the town of Centrilia, PA. Upon seeing the video it indeed had similar qualities to the game. If a place were to be haunted in such a manner Centralia would be the place. Silent hill is based on a town with fires still burning deep with in the ground, gasses rise up leaving the town with an eerie fog that hangs over what once was obviously a thriving town. As you move through the game you can see schools, stores and homes, what was left of the town before it died, as you will find in the movie. The small quint town was settled in 1841 and incorporated in 1866, Centralia thrived mining  anthracite  coal, not just any coal, highly desired coal, coal in its purest form. This type of coal was and still is highly desired because it burns hotter and longer than other types of coal. As you can remember in the 1800’s they did not have modern boilers, or electric trains, everyone survived on wood and yup you guessed it coal. Centralian’s provided coal for homes, trains, industrial enterprises as well as anyone who would have use for the rock. For almost one hundred years Centralia provided homes and jobs to over two thousand people at it’s peak and thrived wonderfully mining the coal, until one fateful mistake that would  change the town forever.

In 1962 a garbage fire sparked a fire that still burns this day. Workers were burning trash, which was quiet common in the day, behind the cemetery when the fire caught a vein of coal. Firefighters fought the fire and thought they had put it out, until it sparked again a few days later, but by then it was far to late. The blaze became out of control and destroyed more than half the town. Forty years later ground temperatures still rate over 447 degrees Celsius or 836.6 degrees Fahrenheit just a foot down below as the fire continues to burn deep within the ground. Like the haunting in Silent Hill gases emanate from the ground giving what’s left of the town and erie cloud that looms over the abandoned streets.

Overgrown road

Much of the town has been torn down as you can see, but you can still see evidence of the fire still burning deep under the ground through the rising smoke through the breaks in it’s desolate roads. The old roads remain, though now covered in shrubbery and cracked from the fire but that is about all that remains of the town. You can find the municipal building and the only remaining home that I believe belongs to the mayor that refused to leave, other than that the government destroyed all evidence that to town existed. Definitely a topic to research! Very interesting, hope you enjoy!


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    February 26, 2012 at 12:08 PM

  2. Great into and a wonderfully well done post. Always found Silent Hill a great game and it’s cool to see the real life counterparts to things we love.

    February 29, 2012 at 8:10 PM

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