Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

Given the human imagination, what do you find has the potential to be real?

It was a question that has been weighing on my mind as of recent. The stories of immortals, vampires, mermaids, zombies all had to come from somewhere. Yes the human mind has the ability to create fictional characters, it is the research that follows with it that makes me wonder… Do these things really exist?

With shows such as True Blood and The walking dead embracing prime time TV, you have to stop and wonder, where did it come from?

Since the dark ages people have been claiming to see these supernatural beings. From their ancestors rising from the grave and drinking blood to Voodoo rituals bringing zombies back from the dead, to mermaids captivating and enslaving early sailors. We look every day for proof of their existence.

Our imaginations take us from the tombs of Egypt that contain immortal Pharaohs to Dracula captivating us with his beauty and insatiable hunger for human blood, or the man that becomes a wolf by the full moons light, but is there reality to the stories? Do vampires really dwell in the darkness hunting prey or do mermaids swim the deep depths of the oceans?

Call me crazy, and yes most do, but I feel that these things very could well possibly exist, hiding in the shadows waiting for a moment to shine, waiting for the human mind to be capable of embracing the supernatural world.

Lets talk about this, use the comments box as a forum, tell me what you think. I am excited to know your experiences and opinions!


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