Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

Ghost Road

One of the best known haunts of Ontario is Scugog Island’s Ghost Road, just outside the quaint village of Port Perry. This has been the sight of many interesting phenomena, as well as the birth of many legends. One version of the legend goes that, sometime in or around the year of 1957, a young man was testing the limits of his motorcycle on an old concession road up on Scugog Island. He was on a straightaway and pushing the engine as fast as he could. The road is short, so he soon realized he was running out of room and was quickly approaching the intersection where the 9th Concession meets. About 100 meters from the south end, near a large tree, he lost control and plowed into a field. He caught himself on an old rusty barbed-wire fence and was decapitated. Some say his head bounced off the rock! Some also say that he simply banged his head on the rock that is still located on the road, and met his end that way. It is this story that goes along with the reports of the large round white light heading down the road that, when it passes you, it then turns into a small red light. There are also occasional reports of the sounds of a motorcycle to accompany the light. This location was also home to a well-traveled Native footpath.

There have been many artifacts, including Native remains unearthed in the immediate region. With many psychics over the years visiting Ghost Road, many have reported that there is other strange paranormal activity that is present there. Some Durham College students went out and caught the phantom lights on film, so this does exist, and the light can be seen from either direction. For decades (possibly much longer) people have been reporting strange and inexplicable phenomena occurring on ‘ghost road’. The most common of these is the mysterious white ‘light’ (the headlight of a motorcycle according to legend) and a smaller red ‘light’ (the tail-light). Other anomalous phenomena include the sighting of ‘ghostly beings’, cars being pulled forward and backwards by the phantom children, electrical anomalies (like stopping under the big tree or the weeping willow and having your car go dead, only until it’s pushed away from under it, batteries draining and equipment (i.e: cameras) malfunctioning, UFO’s, strange sounds, no cell range or cell phones suddenly dying when batteries were full, and other various strange occurrences.

In 1827 the town of Lindsay was founded by Mr. William Purdy and his sons Jesse and Hazard. The town was first known as ”Purdy’s Mills”. Purdy built the first dam in the winter of 1827 to power his gristmill. The dam was 10 feet high, and located on the Scugog River, in Lindsay. The dam flooded the area near Port Perry, creating a lake and Scugog Island (location of Ghost Rd) was born.

***Just a note*** the information stated above is collected from various other websites who have all repeated the same information…not knowing who has direct ownership to the original wording. We have just merely copied what they have documented***


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