Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

Lizzie Borden took an axe….

and gave her mother fourty whacks, when she saw what she had done she gave her father fourty one!

Who doesn’t know this creepy child’s rhyme? Even though it was highly over exaggerated it did stem from truth. Her mother Abby was left with 19 and her father Andrew suffered 10 blows as he napped.

On August 4th 1892 the parents of Lizzie Borden were brutally murdered in their Victorian home in Fall River Massachusetts.

Andrew Borden, not born into wealth, worked hard to work his way up the corporate ladder finally reaching the top as the president of the Union Savings Bank and director of the Durfee Safe Deposit and Trust Co.

His daughter’s Lizzie and Emma often described him as tight fisted and cheap. Lizze often complained that the wealthy family should own a home high on the hill, (in the Victorian era the higher you were on the hill showed just how wealthy you really were) yet they lived at the bottom of the hill beside the poor. Many motives came about throughout the years such as she killed them for money, or her step mother Abby found out she was a lesbian, all was found to be hear say and Lizzie was acquitted of the murders on June 20, 1893.

Back to present day, the home is now restored, to it’s original glory, the paper mill gone and most of the property that was attached then has been sold off as well, but the home is now open to the public as a popular bed and breakfast.

Which brings me to the reason for this post, The picture posed is one that I took. When I married my first husband (yes it became plural lol) we stayed here on our honeymoon. While most people are obsessed with staying in the rooms where the murders took place, I wanted to sleep where the killer slept lol. Yes I have always said I was nuts lol.

Anyway, during my stay I took pictures of everything, the furniture, the wall paper, you name it but there was one picture that caught my attention when I took it. I was being a smart arse and decided to take a picture of myself in the mirror in one of the rooms, when I got the prints back I saw I was removed from the picture, gone completely and that a ghostly image (to me looks like a cat lol) had taken my place! I want you to examine the picture and tell me what you think!!!



I found some comments on reedit! First off thank you 333unwanted and 808lisa93 for the link back! It’s very appreciated! I have always said everyone is more than welcome to ask questions or leave comments! To clarify, this picture was taken in 1999. was I standing directly in front, as you can see yes I am about a half a step to the left. Never in my mind did I imagine the outcome of the photo, therefore I did not worry about the logistics of where I was standing, because I never thought I would find a ghost in my picture! Regardless of my stance, the image reflected in the mirror is clearly something, it could no be a flash as I was using a disposable camera and the flash shows a whitish yellow color. I will be more than happy to post other pictures where the flash is clearly visible! Please, if you have questions or comments, they are all valuable to me, they will be answered no matter what the question may be!!


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