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Apparently the rest room is needed in the after life!!

I always love being awoken by my ghostly tenants in the middle of the night. As all hallows eve approaches is it quiet customary for the spirits in my home to make their presence known. It is said, this time of year is when the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinest and weakest.

Originally the custom of dressing up and putting out craved pumpkins wasn’t a hallmark holiday. These things were done for protection from the evil spirits that preyed on the living and our passed ancestors. It was a tradition in old times to leave a plate of food for any of the persons deceased relatives that may visit on this sacred holiday as a welcoming gesture, a carved pumpkin was placed by the door to scare off unwanted and evil spirits, but that is another story to be told another day.

This entry in particular pertains to the ghostly activities that occurred in my home this past evening. The witching hour in my home is typically 4-5 am. In old times 3 am was considered the witching hour. With daylight savings time in my area it is quiet possible that this is still accurate. One can never tell anymore. Some time ago I had installed a remote alarm above my son’s door to alert me if he is up perusing the house at night. This particular evening my son was at his grandmothers house for the weekend.

I retired as per usual around 11 Pm The house was quiet, everyone sleeping soundly in their beds. Around 4: 45Am, I was awoken by the alarm for my son’s room. I woke realizing I had forgotten to turn it off. As I stood to get out of bed the alarm sounded once more, which is customary if someone enters the bathroom then leaves, as the restroom door is adjacent to my son’s and with in range of the alarm. I reached for the alarm and turned off the switch as I listened to what I thought was my mother returning to her bedroom which is also upstairs.

I let my dog out to use the bathroom, still hearing the footsteps above me. Once everything quieted down I returned to my bedroom.

The next morning I conferred with my family only to realize that everyone was asleep. I heard the the alarm sound a few times and random footsteps. II guess even ghosts need bathroom breaks on occasion.