Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

On a personal note!

Reaching out to the masses

Does anyone have a hannibal lecter suit with ball gag that I may borrow for a few days? It’s for public safety! You’d be doing the world a great service!! Ha ha ha!



Yes I know, an unusual title for a ghost blog, but just hear me out.

I’m not a big wine drinker, I always found it was far to bitter for my taste buds. So last night a friend of mine brought me a bottle of red wine, and as per usual, I found it quiet disgusting. So we were talking and he tell’s me about something called Vampire Vineyards. (Make sense why it’s posted here now? ha ha)

So now of course my interest is peeked lol  Let’s face it, anything with the name vampire is going to interest me.  I look on the website and now my lips are smacking! I see words like black cherry, chocolate, vanilla, coffee! I’m astonished, this is a whole new world to me ha ha ha. Honestly, I’m a whiskey drinker, far from the wine and cheese factory but this, this has me intrigued!

I ordered two bottles, Chateau du Vampire Midnight Rendezvous and Chateau Du Cabernet Sauvignon and I’m jumping with joy just waiting for my delivery! I never thought I would ever be excited about wine!

I called about 20 local liquor stores and found only one carried the line (mostly around Halloween, go figure lol) BUT he has one bottle of Dracula Pinot Noir!

I will follow up with house this new endeavor has turned out ha ha ha but for now here is the website! This whiskey drinker may be turned into the richy wine type after all!!

That’s all for now, Happy Hauntings!!


Btw, if any one has tried it, let me know how it is please!! TTFN



So the Pinot Noir wasn’t as bad lol, now to get the real stuff in hee hee!


Happy Friday the 13th!

I know I haven’t really talked on a personal level but I’m going to give it a shot!

So this week has been hell if you ask me lol, I’m pretty sure either a demon possed me or someone had been casting spells against my emotions, because this week, let me tell you, the world is lucky we didn’t witness a few deaths! After a protection spell I feel much better! Now if it is a spell caster, I feel sorry for him or her because it’s all coming back to them now! So if you know who’s up to these shenanigans, tell em to quit it cause someone’s going to get hurt. lol Just kidding.

For three days I felt pure evil, I had no control over myself what so ever! I had my thoughts but could not control my physical actions. The anger and rage I felt was not coming from me this is for sure! I actually hissed at people.  Maybe it’s just the forces at play on this holiday, who knows! All I know is I’m better now. 😀

I do know the spirits have been going buck wild trying to contact both me and my mother. Apparently we are finding out that July 19th is a date set in stone that something is going to happen, according to my great great grandmother my brother is pending a heart attack on this day. I hope to God she is wrong and this is just more “other” magic at play. I won’t know until then so I guess I’ll just have to ride the wave and wait.

This week has been awful, it started out with me attempting to dye my hair a deep red, the front bangs are now pink, going to have this fixed Monday. lol 😀

So while I am dreading next week’s news I have been trying to prepare for it. What else can I do right!? As for now, have a happy 13th and remember:

Unless you want to meet Jason Vorhees that is!

Happy hauntings!