Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

The Walking Dead

The walking dead episode 209

This is the second half of the season premier that aired last night, what do you all think? Lets make this a discussion ok!

Personally, I’m on the tight rope about how things are going to go with Hershal and Rick. Shane gave him a pretty hard hit but it seems like he realizes now that these things are not just a person with a cold, he realizes that they are actually dead. Yes he’s angry about it all, but I have to wonder now that Rick has killed two living people how is Hershal going to take it?

The tight rope is, he can now see Rick and his crew as protection not only from the walkers, but from anyone who tries to over run his farm. This gave him a whole new insight. Rick has everyone’s intentions at heart and by merely telling these strangers that they were not welcomed showed Hershal, that Rick is also protecting him.


On the other hand Hershal just witnessed Rick kill two living beings, no matter the circumstance, does he now fear for the living member’s of his family or himself, does he wonder if Rick is going to over run the farm like these two strangers were going to do?

Hmmm makes you wonder huh? Well tell me what do you think?

As for Lori and her accident, what do you feel the out come will be? We all know Beth is in for the worst, I can guarantee you there’s a few scratches on her back that made her infected. As for Lori, I think she may lose the baby, but she will survive other wise. She’s going to have to find that gun though!


The Walking Dead

I am sure many of you are aware of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead, the show airs the second half of the second season on 2-12-2012 at 9Pm. How many of you are looking forward to it?

In the very beginning I saw the trailers and thought to myself just another stupid TV series, however after I purchased the first series in error (believing it was a movie) I became hooked! Zombies are one of my favorite monsters of all time, next to vampires of course. The original/ultimate zombie was conceived in 1818 by the writer, Mary Shelley in a story about a doctor who created life and was horrified by what he had made.  The true story line actually came to her in a dream. It took two years to write and the book was actually published anonymously, it wasn’t until the second edition was published that you actually see her name.

It was a contest between colleges that brought about the first zombie story in the world and some of our well known monsters today. Since then mankind has toyed with the idea of corpse reanimation and it’s possible outcomes. My all time favorite movies were written by George Romero.

So my question to you is thus, do zombies or the thought of such beings, mindless beings that look like your friends and family with the only purpose of devouring human flesh, actually scare you and why?

Are you excited about the upcoming show?