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Lost in the sea of time…

So it would seem as though I have forgotten about this page for quiet a long time. I can not believe that it’s been 4 years since the last time I logged on. I guess what they say is true, time really does fly when you’re having fun.

The Co-writer on this blog reminded me today of its’ existence. I have some more paranormal fun things happening that I’d love to share with you all. Those of you who basically forgot to unsubscribe anyway. LOL

Let me fill you in on all the current details. On 12/28/2017 I was in a bad car accident. One of the types of accidents that you wouldn’t normally walk away from unscathed. T-boned on the parkway at 65MPH, spun a few times banging off both the center divider and the car that hit us kind of accident. The girl hit my side of the car. Luckily enough the driver and myself walked away with minor injuries. I have a concussion and some vertigo issues now. I’d say I was pretty blessed. It’s not one of those accidents where you hear it could have been worse, it was one of those its a miracle and SHOULD have been worse type incidents. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you all this as it’s led up to last nights events.

For the last few weeks I have been waking up in the middle of the night panicked like I’m late for work. Look at the clock and 9 out of 10 times its right between 3 & 3:30 am. A few other times it was around 2 or 4 am. After speaking with my therapist we thought that maybe I would roll over and the dizziness would cause the panic. In an attempt to get to the bottom of it I set up a camera in my room last-night. However the reason I woke had nothing to do with rolling over in my sleep. I did wake up panicked and looked right at the clock. What I did not hear until I got up later was 2 strange voices. You can hear a small boy as I am getting up, and (be-careful I cough and if its really loud it will hurt your ears) after the cough you can hear a male voice. I will not tell you what I think they say, you tell me what you think they say.


BTW please excuse the mess, I am in the process of rearranging my bedroom and it’s in shambles. lol


I’m going to keep recording and posting the videos, I’ll let you determine what you think you hear.

Another interesting little tid-bit about this video. I texted it to my mother (who lives with me) Every time she attempted to watch the video her phone rang as if I called her, simultaneously my phone rang as if she called me. We both ended up with 5 missed calls in the end. She was unable to watch the video until she went out to her car, at that point we had another 2 missed calls and she gave up only seeing a small portion of it. She was able to finally view the video in its entirety after she left my neighborhood altogether.  The video was sent twice text and once via Facebook messenger, it did not work on either platform until she was completely away from the house.


So my ghost saves the day!

Night before last, the woman whom resides somewhere in the reassess of my home gave me a wake up call. She has woken me up several times now, calling my name or making loud noises near me while I sleep.

About 4:30 Friday morning I heard my name, thinking I was merely dreaming I just rolled over ignoring the woman’s voice. A few seconds later, she called me again, “Get up, hurry, Amanda get up!” she exclaimed directly into my ear. I swung around looking but saw nothing, however I heard the dogs out side barking and whimpering. I ran out to find my two beloved pups fighting, my husky Karra had my lab Sandy pinned to the ground face in the dirt, much like an elementary school brawl. Apparently, Karra had found herself a tasty rabbit that she caught and the lab wanted her to share!

Normally I do not leave my dogs outside over night, but with the heat it was cooler outside than it was in, so I opted to let  them relax in the cooler air. Well that was a mistake, however this isn’t the first time that my ghost, this woman had called me for something. A few times it was nothing but mischief, once or twice I adverted disaster by finding my older son had snuck down  and was up to no good. She is my angel, the sweeter side to the two entities that live in my home.  The other, a man whom seems to be a bit distraught about us being there, but has been calm for sometime now but sometimes causes trouble.

After breaking up the fight and cleaned up the mess I simply thanked her before returning to bed. I do not know the reason as to why she is still here, but I sleep much easier knowing while my eyes are closed she is looking over us!

Haunted Houses

Some of the scariest locations in the world are thosehaunted houses in which both visitors and inhabitants have scary experiences. It is said that these locations are populated by spirits form other worlds and souls of the deceased who lived there before or who were familiar to the haunted places.

The supernatural events occurring in such homes are considered to be caused by some terrible events in the past of the residence, like suicide, violent death, murder or deadly accidents. Statistics made in some countries showed that around 30% of the people believed in spirits and ghosts as well as in their presence in so-called haunted homes.

Technological advancements have reached a point in which it allows these homes to be monitored, so with the help of some utensils and special measuring devices one can determine whether there are energies, auras and paranormal energies or not. Most of the “paranormal events” are considered however to be physical or meteorological effects or anomalies of the magnetic and natural fields. Many TV shows presenting ghost hunters in search of some haunted homes can be seen on several channels, presenting such tools used to establish whether ghosts actually exist there.

Ghosts and the apparently supernatural events in the homes need to be declared in case the particular home is sold or rented, as it seems that such phenomena can lead to a drop in the value of the property. The American courts of justice faced some trials in which the accusers motivated their actions through the fact that the bought property was haunted. The haunted homes which are put up for sale should not be hidden from the public apparently, as the initial owner may be accused later of fraud, as strange as it may be.

Haunted homes and literature

Both in the past and in the present, those properties with the fame of being haunted attract the interest of the paranormal enthusiasts. There are also a lot of examples in the literature, in which the residences of the characters were haunted by ghosts, spirits and unexplainable events. Gothic and horror fiction are the perfect homes to hide haunted homes, as they are the perfect setting for the frightening events to take place later.

Since Antiquity, there have been horror stories involving residences haunted by spirits. Pliny the Younger and Plautus are just are just two of the Roman authors to have written about haunted homes, while some stories from the “1001 nights” present similar characteristics. Horror fiction reached a high level however starting with the 18th century and continuing until now, with Edgar Allan Poe, Henry James and Stephen King being among the best known authors, their works being filled by spirits and terrible supernatural events.

Among the best known books filled with images of haunted homes we can count The Castle in Otranto (Horace Walpole), The Fall of the House of Usher (Edgar Allan Poe), House of Hell (Richard Wateson), The Shining (Stephen King) and The Woman in Black (Susan Hill).

Both the scary stories and the horror literature inspired the movie directors to create numerous movies and series in which haunted homes are the perfect location for the development of the script of the story. Horror movies have become a cult, among the ones creating this phenomenon counting: The Haunted House, Poltergeist, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters, The Shining, 13 ghosts, Casper, Rose Red, The orphanage, Paranormal activity and The Grudge.

Causes of the haunted homes

Among the so-called unexplainable phenomena seen in haunted homes there are some quite easy to explain as well. Some of the people living in weird homes may be intoxicated with carbon monoxide, which makes them see strange apparitions as dizziness and hallucinations are among the main symptoms. Also, older residences may have deteriorated floors which make terrifying cracking noises. The points of sudden freeze which seem to be unexplainable can be just a result of poorly-made windows, while changes of temperature between day and night can cause the expansion and the contraction of the walls of the house, which leads again to strange noises and the subjective perception of temperature.

The scientific explanation behind the existence of some haunted homes is quite simple. It is said that apparitions, points of sudden coldness and the sensation of invisible touch are just anomalies perceived by people due to the variations of the electro-magnetic field of the brain. The variations of the geo and electro-magnetic fields can cause certain effects on the rights side of the brain. Thus, people perceive these variations as strange phenomena, hallucinations, the sensation of cold, stings or touches. The left side of the body becomes thus more sensitive and “produces” these new illusions.

The best known haunted homes

Among the best known locations in which paranormal phenomena are believed to exist we can count the Bran Castle in Romania, or the Huniade Castle, some complaints existing here related to apparitions, spirits and unexplained phenomena. The Cismigiu Hotel in Bucharest is also on the list, as the ghost of a young woman who died in a broken elevator is said to appear here.

In Canada, a construction in the old Montreal is said to have behind a long history which involves the French and the English. The construction in the 17th century was almost demolished at a certain point and became in the 2000s a block of homes. It is said that two silhouettes are seen here frequently , one of a woman and one of a man, both dressed like in the 19th century. It is said that the feminine ghost is Marie Louise, being heard and felt between the 3rd and 4th floors. Voices and even entire conversations can be perceived by the entire block while some residents complain about the ghosts not letting them sleep, visiting them at night. Small anomalies were perceived in this location, many being even caught on camera.

The Beechworth Asylum in Victoria, Australia is a location known to the ghost hunters. It is said that the spirits of some patients who deceased while the hospital was still functioning still exist here. This location appeared in numerous documentaries and televised series.

In the Amiidaji Temple in Japan it is said that the spirits of the old samurais still exist. This temple is one of the best known haunted locations, legends being attributed to it. In the same manner, the Aokigahara forest at the base of the Fuji Mountain is a location considered to be haunted by the spirits of those who chose to kill themselves here.

In the United States of America there are a lot of locations and residences considered to be haunted. Homes, mansions, former slave plantations, theaters and hotels, all these buildings hide secrets and mysteries, being feared by many tourists. Some cities are even based on the famous haunted places in order to make profit. The Madame Tussaud’s Museum in Las Vegas, Pemberton Hall (the first boarding school dedicated to women), the Capitol building in New York, the University of Ohio. The State Penitentiary in West Virginia and King Opera House in Arkansas are just a few of the locations in which spirits and supernatural activities are said to exist.

Among the best known haunted homes we can count the ones in Great Britain. The Arundell Castle in Sussex has 4 ghosts of some known noble people who lived long time ago. The Lodge Castle in Ludlow hosts the ghost of a young woman dressed in a dress like the ones worn hundreds of years ago, in the era of the Tudors,Haunted house considered to be Catherine of Aragon.  Raynham Hall is the place where the Brown Lady is seen often, a feminine figure wearing a dress colored like coffee. Temple Newsam is the best known haunted home in Yorkshire.

It is said that the ghost of Mary Ingram can be seen here, or the one of Jane Grey. The Windsor Castle is however the most famous haunted place in Great Britain. And it is not haunted by anyone, but by the ghost of Queen Elizabeth I. It is said that Anne Boleyn can also be seen often in this castle, scaring the visitors with her screams.

Be they legitimate or not, these haunted homes gained their reputation as scary locations all over the world. Many of them are studied, becoming the settings of several shows in which the ghost hunters are trying to find spirits. Tricksters are also part of the story, as they do their best to create their own “haunted homes”, making profit and becoming famous. It was not yet established completely whether supernatural events are actually caused by something beyond us or are simple distorted perceptions of the human brain. Many believe however that such haunted locations are real and spirits have returned to the places they lived in for various reasons.


The Bell Witch

John Bell house, home of the Bell Witch of Tennessee

Most likely one of the most infamous hauntings in America, the story of The Bell Witch is one that will never lose its power to capture peoples attention.
Jonh Bell was a man haunted by something more than his past. By something that would torment he and his family, months at a time over the course of many years.
Was it a demon? Was it a poltergiest? Or was it what it claimed to be, the angry, vengeful spirit of Kate Batts. A neighbor that John Bell was thought to have cheated out of her land many years before.

John Bell moved his wife and three children, Betsy, Richard and Joel from North Carolina to Roberston County, Tennessee in the early 1800’s. It was here that his story begins.

One day in 1817 John as per usual was checking his crops. During this time he encountered a strange beast with the body of  a dog with the head of a rabbit between the corn rows, he shot at the animal and it vanished.  Hours passed and Mr. Bell put the strange incident behind him until dinner time, when they began to hear noises, something beating against the outside of their log cabin.

The incidents did not stop there, the children began to wake frightened, hearing what they thought were rats gnawing at their bed posts, having the covers pulled off them during the night and the noises only grew harsher and more violent as the nights passed. Mr. Bell often ran from the house attempting to catch the assailant but always returned disappointed and empty handed.

As time passed, the family began to hear voices, and the youngest daughter Betsy was brutally beaten by the spirit. It all came to an end in 1821 when John Bell himself fell ill and passed on December 20, 1820. It was said that the witch poisoned him. From then on, her presence vanished, there were no more occurrences to account as if her sole purpose was to kill John Bell.

Many theory’s speculate the cause of her presence, one of which was she was John Bell’s mistress, or possibly he took her land and the witch took revenge via magic. No one knows, but the fact remains, there are many accounts of the haunting and torment of the Bell family. Enough in fact to make the story not only real but believable…

Now the Bell house is long gone, but the ghost stories have yet to end. Some people say that they still hear the laughter of a woman near the property, sometimes singing. Maybe she still haunts the site, proud of her accomplishment in the death of John Bell…

To find more on the Bell Witch and the full story please visit this very informative site!


The Walking Dead

I am sure many of you are aware of the AMC TV series The Walking Dead, the show airs the second half of the second season on 2-12-2012 at 9Pm. How many of you are looking forward to it?

In the very beginning I saw the trailers and thought to myself just another stupid TV series, however after I purchased the first series in error (believing it was a movie) I became hooked! Zombies are one of my favorite monsters of all time, next to vampires of course. The original/ultimate zombie was conceived in 1818 by the writer, Mary Shelley in a story about a doctor who created life and was horrified by what he had made.  The true story line actually came to her in a dream. It took two years to write and the book was actually published anonymously, it wasn’t until the second edition was published that you actually see her name.

It was a contest between colleges that brought about the first zombie story in the world and some of our well known monsters today. Since then mankind has toyed with the idea of corpse reanimation and it’s possible outcomes. My all time favorite movies were written by George Romero.

So my question to you is thus, do zombies or the thought of such beings, mindless beings that look like your friends and family with the only purpose of devouring human flesh, actually scare you and why?

Are you excited about the upcoming show?


Recent events have led me to write this post. I have always been a dreamer, since I was a child I would have dreams that essentially came true. My first one was when I was in the second grade. Thank goodness for it because I passed the pop quiz with flying colors, as I got older the dreams slowed down. When I was in my twenties I had a reoccurring dream of someone having a motor cycle accident. Every night for three or four months, it was blurry, I could not make out the rider, the stores, or anything for that matter, all I could see was a blue small car pull out of a parking lot and hit him. The dream ended when I had ran into an old friend at the store.
He proceeded to tell me all about the accident I had in my dreams.

Last night I had some very vivid dreams, something I haven’t had in months. My dreams have not only been scarce but mostly fictional. I believe them to be past lives. I revisited history, many past lives that gave me clarity on who I really am.

My question to you is, do you have dreams that show you either the past or future?

Flintlock Drive

After moving away from George I moved in with my mother into a brick style house located in Mastic NY. I met a ghost here, that took the form of the owners father. With some research I had found that he passed away during the construction of the building. This spirit was one of the first to actually scare me.Everything was calm when we first moved into the upstairs apartment, a small two bedroom that didn’t have much, but we called it home. I shared a room with my little brother, now a bright blue eyed red head now the age of 4 or 5. Not to sound cliche, but it all started during a thunder storm. The only window in our bedroom was situated to the right of my little brothers bed.

I sat up awake, the roaring thunder leaving me restless. I just watched the flashes of light dancing on the wall just above my brother’s sleeping head. What I saw in one of the flashes did give me quiet a start. I remember him so vividly, a tall man, dressed in a white T shirt that was torn to ribbons soaked in blood, blue jeans that seemed to be frosted with various contractor items, such as paint and sheet rock dust, black work boots, his hair was dark, a total mess and his stare was piercing. His eyes burned a hole directly into my soul, he terrified me and his gaze looked down at the sleeping toddler with such malice that I quickly ripped the boy from his bed and pulled him into mine. I stared back at the apparition my own gaze holding just as much malice, I threatened it, verbally yelling at him, that dare he harm a hair on his head, I would kill myself and give him an afterlife he would forever regret. The apparition smiled before fading into the wall, little did I know my threat was what would do me in.

I became the center of his attacks, invisible hands trying to push me down the steps, doors slamming closed in my face, noises following me throughout the apartment. He was calling me on my bluff. I began to practice Wicca, finding restitution in the protection spells and the newly found knowledge of the paranormal. My circle of friends began to differ from the ghetto thugs that I once admired to psychics and other magical beings. Two of my friends, Jan and Dave (yes the names are changed) were of the psychic persona. Jan was a medium, she took spirits into her body enabling them to speak. She reminded me of Sybil, with her multiple personalities, I never knew who or what I was speaking to. All and all she was my best friend, crazy or not. She entered my house once and only once, the spirit that plagued me quickly tried to take over. She told me he was pure evil, he was not the man that he posed as but something much more sinister. David, never entered the house, he merely stood out front realizing that the entity was a demon, or so he told me.

As time went on more and more strange happenings became more daily routine. I held onto the banister tightly any time I neared stairs, my little brother slept in bed with me out of fear of something happening to him and I pretty much became used to his antics by now.

It was a summer day about ninety degrees out and I decided to take a dip in the pool. As I swam around alone I began to see things. I would dive down and see a dark figure floating above me, when I brought my head back above water the figure was gone. I tested this theory a few times, forcing my eyes to remain open as I brought them both above and below the water, the figure continued to vanish each time I was above the water line. I decided I didn’t want to be swimming with a vanishing dead body and got out of the pool. I laid in the sun for some time drying off before going up stairs to change. A few of my friends came over later that day and we proceeded into the basement of the house. I had gotten permission to use the basement from the owners son because there was a pool table down there. He had left the door unlocked for me. After a few rounds we all decided to head back upstairs. We stood in the garage smoking and just talking about teenage garbage, you know, this one’s a slut and that one got the snot kicked out of her and the other one has it coming, teenage garble, when we began to hear foot steps coming from the basement. We looked at each other in awe, all were accounted for and there was no other way into the basement, not even through the house. I decided to be the tough one.

“Hey knock it off would ya, your scaring the babies around here.” I said laughing.

His reply, a low growl, GET OUT! Before slamming the door so hard the frame nearly came off. Well even though the garage door was open, we still needed to pass by the basement door to get out, we decided that was a bad idea. The lot of us tore through the back yard as if someone had set us on fire, as they tried to jump over the fence as I proceeded straight through it. It was agreed from then on that we would never visit the basement again.

A few weeks later I was in the owners portion of the home playing Nintendo. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as I listened to his foot steps walk up behind me, I heard them stop directly at my back, I gave him a warning shout, telling him I wasn’t in the mood. I was answered with a piercing shriek and a smack to the back of my head. I saw stars as I regained my balance, I stood still a little wobbly and cursed at the nothingness that stood before me. I again was answered with more violence, a sharp pain to my gut left me gasping for air. I staggered out of the house and went straight to Jan’s house. I called my father begging him to pick me up. I had had enough.

My father moved me out of the house, I fought desperately to have him take my brother as well but my mother would not give up custody, they moved out shortly after but no one said a word about the thing that lived with in…