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The Bell Witch

John Bell house, home of the Bell Witch of Tennessee

Most likely one of the most infamous hauntings in America, the story of The Bell Witch is one that will never lose its power to capture peoples attention.
Jonh Bell was a man haunted by something more than his past. By something that would torment he and his family, months at a time over the course of many years.
Was it a demon? Was it a poltergiest? Or was it what it claimed to be, the angry, vengeful spirit of Kate Batts. A neighbor that John Bell was thought to have cheated out of her land many years before.

John Bell moved his wife and three children, Betsy, Richard and Joel from North Carolina to Roberston County, Tennessee in the early 1800’s. It was here that his story begins.

One day in 1817 John as per usual was checking his crops. During this time he encountered a strange beast with the body of  a dog with the head of a rabbit between the corn rows, he shot at the animal and it vanished.  Hours passed and Mr. Bell put the strange incident behind him until dinner time, when they began to hear noises, something beating against the outside of their log cabin.

The incidents did not stop there, the children began to wake frightened, hearing what they thought were rats gnawing at their bed posts, having the covers pulled off them during the night and the noises only grew harsher and more violent as the nights passed. Mr. Bell often ran from the house attempting to catch the assailant but always returned disappointed and empty handed.

As time passed, the family began to hear voices, and the youngest daughter Betsy was brutally beaten by the spirit. It all came to an end in 1821 when John Bell himself fell ill and passed on December 20, 1820. It was said that the witch poisoned him. From then on, her presence vanished, there were no more occurrences to account as if her sole purpose was to kill John Bell.

Many theory’s speculate the cause of her presence, one of which was she was John Bell’s mistress, or possibly he took her land and the witch took revenge via magic. No one knows, but the fact remains, there are many accounts of the haunting and torment of the Bell family. Enough in fact to make the story not only real but believable…

Now the Bell house is long gone, but the ghost stories have yet to end. Some people say that they still hear the laughter of a woman near the property, sometimes singing. Maybe she still haunts the site, proud of her accomplishment in the death of John Bell…

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The Wraith

When I was a kid, there was a really special woman who helped out at my school. Her name was Uhta Simmons. 75 years old, frail and wheelchair bound, but you never met a more alive and active person in your life. She helped out at our school every day, was a mother to us all and helped with all the social events.

Late one summer night after a meeting at the school, Miss Simmons was stabbed to death by a junky for her wheelchair and the two dollars she had in her purse. We didn’t hear those details when we were informed of her passing during the moring announcement the next day, I foud those out watching the news that night.

Right after class I had to use bathroom. The ones in my school were located in the basement. The school was built in 1878 and all the rooms where huge, but the basement was a different world. I’ve seen things down there, but that’s for another story. Small halls, carmped narrow passages that lead to hidden places and two bathrooms. Large dark caverns were these bathrooms, urianls lining the walls, stalls hidden around a corner and a lager round water fountain in the middle for washing your hands. I made for the stalls as that was where I needed to do my business and pushed open a door expecting to see the toilet waiting for me…but there stood Uhta Simmons.

Her white hair hung limp around her small head, her face a writhing mask of anger and sadness. And large gaping black sockets where her eyes should have been. I realized the man who killed her had not intended to, as he had cut out her eyes so she could not identify him. She was very real and solid and not like other spirits I had seen. I was about to call her name when she screamed. It was like no sound I had heard in my life. Filling the room with a deafening wail and my blood with ice. She started to advance on me and I ran back to class faster than I ever thought I could run.
I never saw her specter again…and never went to the bathroom alone.