Where the natural ends and the supernatual begins…

For my readers

Sorry for the glitch!

There are a few people that work very hard on this site, sometimes we converse privately via the blog, one slipped out so please ignore the last email you got! Ha ha who doesn’t love bloopers right!

Happy Hauntings




So I finally got a few minutes to sit down and go over the polls and I’m astonished by all your feed back! I very happy to see that our readers are participating!!

I’d love to hear more of your thoughts and experiences, via comments or email! Remember, here you will never be judged or called crazy, cause let’s face it, I’m more nuts than most lol!

So let me have it! What do you guys think of the site, be honest, and I’d love to hear some of your stories as well!!

Happy Hauntings!


Second blog for ya’ll to read!!

So Zombies aren’t ghosts or even paranormal, but WOW there is a lot going on around here. Be prepared folks, the zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

Check here for news updates and survival tips!! Have a fabulous haunting day!




Thanks to all our readers.

We have had so many people reading and commenting on the stories and information here and I wish thank all of you very much for taking the time to come here and spend time reading the things we have worked so hard on. And that you keep coming back. Thank you all so very much.
There will be a new story this weekend so please check back for it.
*edit* sorry, a few tech problems this weekend, will have the new story posted before tuesday. Thanks.

To all my readers!

WOW, I almost felt like I was going through the Emmy awards lol. Thank you everyone for reading and the kind words! I am overjoyed that everyone is enjoying themselves! I have lots more coming, and I’m sorry for the delay, I’m not neglecting you all, things have been super busy, this is the first 5 minutes I’ve had to work on this. LOL. So I should have the next story written by the end of the week! Please feel free to chat, enjoy, have fun with the polls, and swap stories as well! Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!!!